"Fiat Voluntas Tua"

May God's holy will be done in and through me.

Important Spiritual Books

Since We began working on this project and decided to post links to books that influenced Our thinking, we realized that one of the most important thing to read are spiritual books.  We also believe that it is Our duty to read many of these books, taking in their wholesome thoughts and making them Our own.  This can be seen in Sobriety and Beyond.  We could simply recommend that you read all of the spiritual books We have.  Some of you may not have time, and others will consider this too much of a burden.   Although We have obtained much profit from many books, a few books stand out as presenting the spiritual life in the best manner possible.  We believe that if a person only has a little time, they should focus on these books.  These will be linked up here, and in a new section of posts Spiritual Books.  We shall also be publishing for free, some excerpts from these books, even whole chapters on occasion.  Download, read, study and understand in order to master the Science of the Saints.  This is Our main task, to teach the Science of the Saints.
In order to keep the front page clean, the list is posted on a separate page.  One can also consult the category on spiritual books above.

On the Web

In August of 1999, Pope Michael first accessed the internet.  In March of 2000, the first website was published for free on the internet.  Since that time the Pope has used the internet to spread the truths of the Divine and Catholic Faith.  Links are provided here to some of the more common places.
The Vatican in Exile
The Pope Speaks
The Pope Speaks for live broadcasts
Documentary About Pope Michael, Pope Michael Film

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